The @#*&% Diet

My girlish figure of yesteryear (Whom I usu’lly ignore) Said, most plaintively, “Tell me, dear, What is it we stand for?” “I speak, you see, of floors and scales, Left groaning down below. I speak of knees and lig’ment wails When standing on our soles.” Surprised, I peered ’round var’yous parts, To ‘xamine scale and toes. … More The @#*&% Diet

Good Mom, Bad Mom

One time, my neighbor stopped by to give me something. In these times of internet-everythinging, visits are not such a common occurrence. She caught us right when we’d returned from the grocery store and all the children were enjoying a fruit pie snack. She made some comment about how I was “such a fun mom” … More Good Mom, Bad Mom