Inspirational Quote 3

“Children really do want to be told no, despite their protestations. If they are never told no, they will keep doing louder and more unpleasant things until somebody does tell them no, and when that somebody finally does tell them no, in addition to telling them that they are behaving like horrid brats, they will … More Inspirational Quote 3

Behavioral Issues? I’ll Take One for Now, Please

My boys are all …fun in their own ways. Torn between delusion and reality; I often decide that, despite reassurances of similar children, other families do not enjoy quite the smattering of personality challenges I do in raising mine. Only my second son has been officially diagnosed with anything. That was a result of his … More Behavioral Issues? I’ll Take One for Now, Please

The Difficult Child

According to commiserating folk, every child is difficult. If I’m going off their actual, real-life, sighing, eye-rolling, judgy-face reactions, however, my child is the only difficult one. Those reactions, and what their kids are doing. At a park full of happy faces, sand castle builds, a brother pushing a sister on a swing, and a group of giggling … More The Difficult Child