Children’s Songs You Can Stand to Listen To

Some people are irritated by very specific things: nails on chalkboards, a supervisor’s voice, forks on a ceramic plate, or animals chewing with their mouth open. For me, it’s children singing. Now, now, now -don’t get up in arms and start defending anyone. Don’t ask me whether I’m a good mother, cringing whenever my offspring … More Children’s Songs You Can Stand to Listen To

A Day in the Life

Some days my nails keep breaking, As I lose hair strand by strand; And the vitamins I’m taking Can’t be opened just by hand. Sometimes I sweep and mop the tile, Get dinner on the table, Then ruefully watch ev’ry child Drop as much as he is able. Somehow the same pants surface Ev’ry time … More A Day in the Life

Life’s Adventures?

My counselor said I need to find happiness within the life I have chosen… And that, all you shoppers at Costco, is why I am riding the shopping cart like a handlebarred skateboard.   Photo Credit: Robert Andall