Moderate Momming

I’m often a moderate apologist when it comes to religion. After being born and raised in the LDS Church, I eventually went through a stint of Atheism and returned to an uneasy truce with Christianity and Mormonism. Hence, I am currently halfway.

My overarching motivation in life is to treat everyone else the way they want to be.

As such, I do not try to convert people to an idea. I do not push my values on others. -Within reason. I have realized that even moderates like me have lines. I have values. I have issues that are my own opinions and a few of them extend out to how I think others should behave.

When engaged in philosophical discussions of this sort with others, I try to back my ideas up with things like, “The good of society,” and “That makes sense anatomically.” Really, though, ALL of them are tied to a value or opinion.

If the law allowed for people to walk around naked and procreate in public, would I still find that wrong? What if I were raised around that?

Maybe it’s time I stopped apologizing for what I might believe. Maybe it’s time I wasn’t hesitant to consider the presence of God. Maybe I ought to actually follow the advice to stop caring what others thought (also a bit of advice that needs reason, else one might get arrested).

What do I fear? Oh -right. I fear the people who will not listen. I worry for those who will turn away with an incredulous shake over my ignorance.

I meant to talk about how important religion is for raising children, but maybe this isn’t quite the morning for it. Looks like this was the morning to talk about values, popularity, and social anxiety. Which, though those were not my aim, are also important to address and important to teach children about.

All things in moderation, right?



Sunday, March 31: “The Good Old Days,” reminiscing and reasoning about how things were.

Monday, April 1: Wrote a poem titled, “The Polls Are In.

Tuesday, April 2: Shared a quote (probably) by Frederick Douglass.

Wednesday, April 3: Cautioned against glass jars in my food tip.

Thursday, April 4: “Momvan, Or…,” a snippet about the awesomeness of minivans.

Friday, April 5: Reasoned that one should not ever purchase toys with, “Just Don’t Buy It?

Saturday, April 6: Shared 5KidsAndABunny‘s tweet about the things kids parrot back.

Sunday, April 7: Happy Today!

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Jenn Evelyn-Ann

12 thoughts on “Moderate Momming

    1. I think I really do, even in terms of what to teach the kiddos. I hear a lot of oppositional opinions, though.


  1. Fence sitting is all very well but whether it’s a comfortable place rather depends on the fence. There was a scientist on the radio today, talking about why we age as we do and how he human has an effective built in obsolescence Her posit was like all mammals – any creature actually – we are hard wired to procreate and once that’s done we enter decrepitude and off we go to meet our composting (you and I have been here before, methinks). Thus, so this line of thinking tells us, our sole ‘purpose’ is the renewal of the species. That’s it. No more. The rest – religion, why are we here, is that it, philosophising – are just the ethical opiods that stop people’s egos feeling too bad about it.

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  2. I have always gotten frustrated with this issue. I wanted to raise my kids with some kind of spirituality. Sometimes I feel in America that if I told others I wanted to raise my kids Muslim I would get a lot of support. But when I say I am raising them as Christians, I get eye rolls. And really, I just want my kids to have some kind of faith because when the real world bites, it hurts – and faith has helped me. I don’t really talk about our faith too much to others. It is not received well. Moderation is good.

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    1. I feel this way as well. When did it become so unpopular to be Christian? In answer, I think a lot of people associate mean ignorance and repression of children with it; and it doesn’t have to be so.

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      1. Exactly! I hear people talk about openness and let people be who they want to be and love them (as long they are not one of those bible thumping Christians..or any Christian for that matter)


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