In Case of Emergency, Interrupt

Children need to learn patience. They can always wait a few more minutes to interrupt your grocery store conversation


…unless they have THE LOOK. In that case, RUN!



Photo Credits:
Photo by Sunbae Legacy from Pexels
Photo by Hafidz Alifuddin from Pexels

11 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency, Interrupt

  1. Wow. Chelsea. You do get to the heart of the matter. Parents worse nightmare when a child has to pee at the most inopportune times. I used to talk to an older guy who took his grandson to the park and when he wanted to pee took him behind a tree. When child molestation became news, he discontinued doing this in case he was accused of the crime. No shortcuts in life.

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    1. I …may do this with my sons. But, I get away with a lot being a mom vs. a guy having a young boy with him. Sad, but it happens.

      There is also an awful lot of unsupervised peeing outside with boys that I don’t find out about till later…


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