Suffer Not The Children

Don’t you just hate it when you know how to prevent some potential disaster, like when you see a full glass of soda too close to the table edge near a stream of running kids and you act to preventing it from spilling, only to accidentally trigger the catastrophe yourself perhaps into the lap of the most innocent person you know?  Seriously – at least for a few seconds, don’t you just want to die, knowing that the world would be safer without this talent you  have for creating chaos?

via Suffer Not The Children, by Gary A. Wilson

Keep reading for a cute story about an exuberant girl and a wonderful, understanding church leader.

6 thoughts on “Suffer Not The Children

  1. Hi Chelsea.

    Thanks so much for sharing my story and your kind words of introduction. I hope you stop by my story collection blog for more laughs and offer you one of my other parenting (because we did eventually have some of our own) stories. The arrival of our 3rd, a boy, took place in the middle of the chaos of moving the family to a new home, in a new state, for a new job with no friends, only new acquaintances, who stepped up when we were exposed to not having enough parents to cover all the needs one night. Bring your sense of humor. Regardless, I appreciate your reading my story and kind words. Here’s the link if I can entice you for one more reading.

    and blessings to you and yours. . .

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    1. Hi, Gary! I found your story through some other blog I follow. It’s nice to meet you!

      I will be more than happy to read some of your other stories and appreciate your sharing them.


      1. you will find a link back to the full collection at the bottom of any of my stories. I’m going to have to carve out some time to return the favor. I’m married to a hard working mom so your value is no mystery to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Double thanks!

        Yeah -takes me a day or three to get around to the blog and reading, but I’m trying!


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