Get Those Lazy Kids Working

My kids do not like to do chores. I can’t blame them, because I’m in a similar boat.

But I’ve noticed that boat gets rather dingy and near-sinking when the entire crew gives into laziness. Whether the surly crew likes it or no, they live here. They keep eating in the mess hall, pooping on the deck, and shredding the rigging.

Now, to my credit, I’ve had my kids do work around the house since they were big enough to reach the dishwasher and not fall over. Mostly that was because they were already ‘helping’ with any cleaning I tried to do -but I ran with it.

The inspiration for today’s advice comes from an odd idea I formed at the start of this school year: that they shouldn’t have housework because they had schoolwork to worry about.

My boys still had weekend housework jobs, of course, but nothing on the weekdays.

For months I saw them come home, tell me they didn’t have homework, then laze around until computer time (also monitored and restricted, thank you very much).


We-e-e-e-e-ell, it turns out that I got terribly overwhelmed, resentful, irritated, etc. I also had no time for me, even not counting the times I snuck off to my (messy) closet to type up advice I don’t follow.

It turns out they are more than capable of doing some work after school, especially if they have to finish said work before playing.

I guess this post has two pieces of advice, then.

Let them work; it’s good for everyone.


Never underestimate the power of a video game.

You’re welcome.

12 thoughts on “Get Those Lazy Kids Working

  1. I will repeat the comment I left for you on my blog when you visited. Though it’s Medieval rather than a nautical theme. I can picture you in armour riding on a quest, with your boys as squires carrying your sword, shield, mace and lance. I didn’t want to leave anyone out. They would also polish your armour and repair your weapons after combat with your adversaries.

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    1. 😀 Thanks, Len.

      I guess we’ll adjust for the boat idea and they can… no, you’re right. It works better as it is.


  2. I totally agree hun. It’s important for them to do chores any day of the week. My daughter is 3 – I chop veggies and she puts them
    In a bowl, we mix spices together and she pretends to hoover with me.
    I was not allowed to do anything in the house until I was about 8 and at that point I was expected to do it properly like an adult or better – how was I supposed to know it or like it?

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    1. I felt like that with driving! My mom was so anxious that she never took me out for my hours of practice. Then, when I needed something returned, she told me just to drive it up there -30 minutes away and on the freeway.

      -Not that I want my kids driving yet. 😀


  3. I couldn’t relate more to this! My current struggle with weekdays is that we rarely have those homework days. By the time I finish homework (they all still need my help), I’m too exhausted to put up a fight!

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