Your Brother’s Head Is Not a Weapon

A new mom asked if we ever find ourselves telling the kids strange things, like, “There’s avocado on your nose.”


If that’s the strangest thing she’s told her son, she’s got a long future ahead. I tell my boys odd statements all the time, mostly in reference to violent behavior.

My most common phrase?

“_______________ is not a weapon.”

Feel free to insert pretty much anything in the blank, and it’s been said. This morning it was “The Monopoly game box.” Yesterday was, “Your car pillow.” And, yes, I have also told them not to use their brother’s head as a weapon as well.

2 thoughts on “Your Brother’s Head Is Not a Weapon

  1. Two of my grandchildren when they were about 8 or 9 were fighting over the iPad. My granddaughter suddenly pushed the iPad towards my grandson rather savagely and the edge hit him in the head. His head started pouring with blood which ran down the front of his face over his eyes. He was terrified. ” Am I dying grandad, am I dying” he screamed. Calming him down and wiping the blood from his face, I discovered it was only a tiny head cut……and he lived to tell the tale. Anything in the house can be a deadly weapon to two arguing siblings.

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    1. I understand head cuts bleed a lot more than other places in your body -and may have literal experience with this.

      The violence is real with kids. 😀


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