The Cheapest, Bestest Dinner Ideas VI

Good morning/evening/midnight snack time, everyone! This week’s recipe is Tuna on Toast. It is┬áthe best go-to on the super cheap, according to my father. I think I’ve mentioned Daddy before, because we always knew his meals would be one of three options: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches, Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs, or this. … More The Cheapest, Bestest Dinner Ideas VI

No Encore, Please

Nothing shows real love like sitting through an hour-long concert of your junior high student’s boys’ choir. I’m sure it’s great practice for when their voices finally finish changing.

Garbage Bag Vampire

Today is the day I realized that Halloween is next week. NEXT WEEK!! Given my more lax (AKA lazy) approach to parenting lately, we don’t exactly have costumes picked out for everyone. My boys have talked about it, of course, but haven’t settled on anything. Our conversations have been more like: Boy: I think I’ll … More Garbage Bag Vampire