Parks and Procreation

I live in Utah, the land of a ton of children. Public parks are a great place to witness this. Actually, anywhere that advertises “free” and “children” (though, not “free children”) is guaranteed to be crawling. What can I say? Having children is expensive and drains any creative energy one may have exhibited during babysitting … More Parks and Procreation

The Maid

I always thought I wouldn’t have to clean the house when I grew up. Not ever doing chores again was pretty much the only plan I had for my future. I also planned on having a prestigious career -that wouldn’t have ANY tedious parts to it. This may be why motherhood has failed to engage … More The Maid

Morning Routines

The boys’ carpool ride arrives at 8:10 a.m. Right on cue; our three handsome children who attend elementary school line up at the door Sound of Music style. They’re dressed smartly. They’re clean, their clothes are clean and pressed, and their socks and shoes match each other. What’s more, they’ve packed their own healthy lunch … More Morning Routines

The Best Time of Day

Birds twitter joyfully in the trees and early morning sunlight streams innocently across our bedroom walls when I hear it: Mom? Mo-o-om? MAHM! The call may vary sometimes; usually, lately, it’s the mid-conversation climax of hearing the caller “playing” with his brother, until the thumping escalates to a definite clunking of a body or piece … More The Best Time of Day