Food Tip 1

I live in a house of boys. My mini men do not have large appetites (yet), but we do run through a lot of bread. As such, my first tip is to buy ahead and freeze your loaves. Buy extra loaves of bread and freeze them. My second tip is to keep bread loaves in the … More Food Tip 1

Inspirational Quote 3

“Children really do want to be told no, despite their protestations. If they are never told no, they will keep doing louder and more unpleasant things until somebody does tell them no, and when that somebody finally does tell them no, in addition to telling them that they are behaving like horrid brats, they will … More Inspirational Quote 3

Five More Minutes

Five more minutes to sleep alone, To dress in peace, To check a phone. Five more minutes to eat my food, To eat it warm, To eat it chewed. Five more minutes to sit right here, To read a book, To disappear. Five more minutes is not that long, To feel the guilt, To feel … More Five More Minutes