What’s the Point?

Raising children is a difficult and thankless job, especially if the children are difficult and thankless people. Sure, we have some control over the responses and attitudes of kids. Their manners are one of the many things parents blame themselves for the first (and second, and third) time(s) our darling pipes up, “That lady is … More What’s the Point?

Garbage Bag Vampire

Today is the day I realized that Halloween is next week. NEXT WEEK!! Given my more lax (AKA lazy) approach to parenting lately, we don’t exactly have costumes picked out for everyone. My boys have talked about it, of course, but haven’t settled on anything. Our conversations have been more like: Boy: I think I’ll … More Garbage Bag Vampire

The Cheapest, Bestest Dinner Ideas, IV

We’re taking a short break from breakfast today and talking soup instead. Do you remember the children’s story,┬áStone Soup? Some soldiers who were super hungry couldn’t get the tight-fisted villagers to help a stranger out so they cleverly opened the clenched palms one ingredient at a time. As a kid, I thought that was merely … More The Cheapest, Bestest Dinner Ideas, IV